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The 27'-29' feet C28 Motorhome can accommodate 6 persons. Ideal for 4 adults and 2 small children. A common choice for a family or group travel. AM/FM Radio and CD Player. In-dash and Factory roof-ducted air conditioning system in the driver’s cabin and in the living area. Power generator, range (stove), microwave, refrigerator, sink, shower & toilet. Cab-over Bed that can sleep 2 persons, the Couch and Dinette can be converted into 2 single beds, and a permanent Double Bed located at the back. (Model Year 2018 or newer) No model year guarantee.

People : 6
Make & Age : Ford

No Vehicle Age Guaranteed*
Year & Model : 2018
Engine : Gasoline Engine Fuel-Injection 6.8L
Transmission : Automatic
Sleeping Configuration : Recommended up to 5 people for greater comfort.

Cab over: 241cm x 144cm (95" x 57") with height clearance 58cm (23")
Couch: 152cm x 106cm (60" x 42")
Dinette: 177cm x 106cm (70" x 42")
Permanent Double Bed: 203cm x 152cm (80" x 60")

*Sleeping capacities do not mean like number of adults or full size teenagers can be accommodated comfortably. The features, bed sizes, and amenities listed are representative and may be changed, added or deleted without notice. The numerical vehicle lengths are approximate. Specific floor plans or models will vary and cannot be reserved or guaranteed.
Adults : 4
Children : 2
Toilet & Shower :  
Shower and Toilet with Wash Basin.
Air Conditioning :  
Dash & Roof
with Thermostat
Heating :   with Thermostat
Runs on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)
Child Seats :   Baby/Booster seats can be fitted in this vehicle but not provided for rental. Clients must bring/rent their own or buy from Walmart upon arrival in America.
Water Tank :   Fresh Water Tank: 189L (50 gal)
Waste Water Tank :   Grey Water Tank - 117L (31 gal) Rinse water from sinks and showers.
Black Water Tank- 117L (31 gal) Water from the toilet.
Sink :  
Hot & Cold Water :   Water Heater: 22L (6 gal)
Internal Access :  
Fire Extinguisher :  
Seat Belts : 6
2x Drivers Cab
4x Main Cab
Kitchen :   Range (Stove) - Runs on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).
Microwave - This runs only on 110V AC current.
Refrigerator - This can be operated on either LPG or 110V AC current.
Propane Tank: 53L (14 gallons)

The Water Heater; Range (Stove) & Oven; Space Heater and the LPG Setting on the
Refrigerator & Freezer run on LPG (Liquid Propane Gas).
Entertainment :   AM/FM Radio and CD Player (no data-port for MP3, USB or Ipod)
12V Interior Lighting
Storage : Large exterior storage bay. The greater the length, the greater the amount of storage space in both number of external storage compartments as well as the total volume each provides.
Soft sided or collapsible bags recommended.
Transmission : Automatic
Overdrive Transmission
Cruise Control
Power Steering
Power Brakes
Engine / Fuel : Gasoline
Fuel Capacity : 55 Gallons
Fuel Consumption (approx) : 10 / MPG
8-10 miles per gallon (approximate only)
This may vary subject to the use of the in dash air-conditioning, temperature, driving style, and terrain.
Dual Battery :  
Power Supply : Auxiliary Battery
Power Generator (Output 110 Volts and 30 Amps)
The gasoline tank must be at least 1/4 full in order for the generator to operate. This is to make sure that you do not use up all of your gasoline running the generator when you are far from gas stations.

The Generator can supply the 110v AC required to run the Roof Air-Conditioner, the Microwave and the Electric Setting on the Refrigerator & Freezer.

External power source
A power supply cable is also provided. This can be plugged while parked on a camp ground. Most camp grounds provide a power source facility.

Note: Amperage adaptors not included
Exterior Length : 8.2-8.8m
  Length: 27' - 29'
Height: 12ft & 10ft side to side clearance(excluding slide-out which adds approx. 3ft)
Interior Width : 2.46m
Interior Height : 2.08m
  Width: 97"
Height: 82"

Awning Available

(Model Year 2018 or newer) No model year guarantee.

Note: Floor plans and specifications are intended as a guide. Each year new vehicles are being purchased by operators from different manufacturers and we cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts for the vehicle chosen when booked. All measurements are approximates only.