C30 Large RV
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C30 Large RV

A traditional motorhome with the self-contained features you expect, including most with a power generator in the USA. This economical family unit is a traditional favorite for those who want the walk-through convenience of a motorhome.

People : 7
Make & Age :
Ford (No Model Year Guaranteed)
1-5 year(s) old.
Year & Model : 2009-2015
Engine : V10
Transmission : Automatic
Sleeping Configuration : Cab Over: 57"x 96"(1.45m x 2.44m); average clearance: approximately 28.5"
Dinette: 38" x 68" (0.97m x 1.73m)
Double Bed: 60" x 74" (1.52m x 1.88m)
Sofa/Couch: 42" x 68" (1.06m x 1.72m)
Adults : 4
Children : 3
Toilet & Shower :  
Separate shower and fresh water flush toilet.
Air Conditioning :  
In Dash Air Conditioning / 110v Roof Air Conditioner.
Heating :   12v Furnace(LP Gas)
Child Seats :   Can be fitted with child/booster seats but not available for rental, to be supplied by customer. Alternatively, customers can buy inexpensive baby/child seats in Walmart. Electric generator is also available.
Water Tank :   Fresh Water Tank: 151.4L (40 gallons)
Waste Water Tank :   Sewage Water Tank: 94.6L (25 gallons)
Grey Water Tank: 83.3L (22 gallons)
Sink :  
Hot & Cold Water :   Water Heater Tank: 22.7L (6 gallons)
Internal Access :  
Fire Extinguisher :  
Seat Belts : 7
Kitchen :   Refrigerator/Freezer Compartment(Runs on LP Gas & Electricity)
3 LP Gas Cooktop Burners
110-Volt Microwave Oven
12.2 Gallons LP Gas Tank
LP Gas/12-Volt Furnace
Entertainment :   AM/FM Stereo Sound System with CD player
MP3 Aux Input
Ipod connections on some models only. Can be requested but not guaranteed.
Storage : Collapsible luggage is recommended, Remaining luggage can be stored at most rental centers at your own risk.

Exterior Storage Dimensions:
Passenger side: 9.7 cu. ft. / 0.27 cu. meters
Driver side: 2.9 cu. ft. / 0.08 cu. meters
Rear: 23.9 cu. ft. / 0.67 meters
Transmission : Automatic
Cruise Control
Power Steering
Engine / Fuel : Gasoline
Fuel Capacity : 55 Gallons
Fuel Consumption (approx) : 12 / MPG
10-12 miles per gallon(approximate only)
Driving style and conditions will effect consumption, average consumption between 7 and 13 miles per gallon.
Dual Battery :  
Power Supply : Light is powered by the auxiliary battery system. There is a power cord supplied with the vehicle, when plugged into an external power point at a camp site it will power the Aircon, microwave and 110 volt outlets. There is also a gasoline powered generator for use when other power is not available. The fridge, stove, oven, furnace and water heater are LP Gas powered.

If you choose to operate the gasoline-powered 110-volt generator, extra charges will accrue at $3.50 per hour as determined by an installed running time meter. Or, unlimited usage may be prepaid or purchased at departure at a rate of $7 per rental day. The generator is not required for normal vehicle operation.
Vehicle Weight : 11,540 lbs
Exterior Length : 9.10m
Exterior Width : 2.54m
Exterior Height : 3.72m
  Length(To Nearest Foot): 30'
Width(Mirrors Retracted): 8' 4"
Height (Clearance): 12'
Interior Height : 2.007m

Power Brakes (ABS System)
Rear Dual Tires
Solar Panels
No Awning
Snow Chains - not allowed

Personal Kits includes Pillow, Pillow case, Sleeping bag/heavy blanket, sheet, bath towel, wash cloth, dish towel.

Provisioning Kit includes Cookware, cooking spoon, spatula, Tea Kettle, Broom, Small Flashlight, Soup spoons, dinner forks, steak knives, coffee cups, colander, cooking fork, mixing bowl, plastic pail, can opener, soup bowls, teaspoons, dinner knives, tumblers, dinner plates, paring knife, carving knife.

Camping Chairs are subject to availability. If not available directions on where to buy inexpensive chairs will be provided at the depot.

Pets: allowed and no additional charges as long as client cleans up after their pet or a cleaning charge of $250.

Child Seat Installation Info

Note: Floorplans and specifications are intended as a guide. Each year new vehicles are being purchased by operators from different manufacturers and we cannot guarantee exact specifications and layouts for the vehicle chosen when booked. All measurements are approximates only.